Renewable Heat New York

Renewable Heat NY (December 4, 2014)

renewableheatnyRenewable Heat NY is Governor Cuomo’s long-term commitment to help the high-efficiency, low-emission biomass heating industry reach scale. It will encourage quicker development of the industry, raise consumer awareness, support the development of New York-based advanced technology heating products, and develop local sustainable heating markets that use biomass as fuel. Renewable Heat NY also aims to reduce wood smoke, fine particles and carbon monoxide emissions.
Watch the webinar recording to learn more about Renewable Heat NY and what it can mean for New York households and communities. Sponsored by NYSERDA’s Hudson Valley EDGE contractor, Courtney Strong, Inc., and co-sponsored by the Community Power Network of NYS, this session explores the incentives offered for New York’s residential and commercial sectors. Panelists for this practical and timely session include: