Netzero and Passive House

Explore NetZero and Passive House (October 28, 2015)

netzeroThe bar has been raised:

Zero Net Energy/Passive House building, explained

“Maximize your gains, minimize your losses” summarizes the Passive Building approach.

To that end, a passive building is designed and built in accordance with these five building-science principles/characteristics:

  • Continuous insulation through its entire envelope without any thermal bridging.
  • Extremely airtight, preventing infiltration of outside air and loss of conditioned air.
  • High-performance windows (typically triple-paned) and doors
  • Balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation and a minimal space conditioning system.
  • Solar gain is managed to exploit the sun’s energy for heating purposes and to minimize it in cooling seasons.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how your building project can benefit from these important concepts.

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