Capital District

The Capital Region has had great success with the Clean Energy Communities Program, with designated communities as small as the Town of Edinburgh in northern Saratoga County, with just 1,290 residents, to the City of Albany with a population 98,000. As of July 1st, 2019, thirty-three communities in the Capital Region have achieved Clean Energy Communities Designation through the support of the Capital District Regional Planning Commission. The region’s designated communities have received match-free grants for clean energy projects totaling almost $3,000,000. The region was also aided by $837,150 in additional funding for projects in Albany, Rensselaer, Greene and Columbia Counties as part of an NYS Attorney General settlement with the Lafarge North America, Inc.
Throughout the past three years, CDRPC hosted numerous workshops in the Capital District covering a range of topics, including: alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, LED streetlight conversions, Climate Smart Communities, Community Solar, Clean Heating and Cooling, Clean Energy Projects, and Community Choice Aggregation. These events incorporated local experts, interested citizens, as well as municipal representatives and provided a space for participants not only to learn about the Clean Energy Communities Program but also connect with one another. (include CSC workshop pic). We also held two panel discussions with local communities who shared their experiences with the CEC program.

April 19 seminar highlighting Climate Smart Communities at Guilderland Public Library.

One of the most popular High Impact Actions in the Region has been Clean Fleets, with 21 communities in the 8-county region installing charging infrastructure or purchase clean vehicles for their fleets. Many of those communities used additional funding from NYSERDA and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) programs to significantly lower the cost of the cars and stations. Albany County, for example, purchased four electric vehicles for their municipal fleet and installed four Level 2 charging stations at the Times Union Center as a result of the Clean Energy Communities Program. Smaller communities, such as the Town of Greenville in Greene County, have also installed charging stations helping to expand the Capital District’s charging station network.

The Town of Greenville has installed charging stations.