Mohawk Valley Communities Exploring LED Street Light Conversions

The Mohawk Valley Economic Development District (MVEDD) and Courtney Strong, Inc. co-hosted the LED Street Lights workshop on April 11, 2018. The event was a big success for the region. There were 39 municipal officials in attendance.  It was the largest attendance MVEDD has ever had in its 52-year history!

Undertaking a LED street light conversion can help communities reduce street light energy use by as much as 65 percent, generating cost savings and emission reductions. In addition, street light projects can contribute to creating a well-lit, safer, and more attractive community. LED street lights last up to 100,000 hours and require much less maintenance than conventional ones. The opportunity to incorporate smart, connected technology such as dimming functions, enhanced law enforcement response, and parking management offers a world of possibilities. Even those communities that do not own their streetlights have options for converting those in their jurisdiction to LED.

Converting street lights to energy efficient LED technology is one of the 10 High Impact Actions to help your community earn a Clean Energy Community designation.

Casey Mastro, Energy Manager- CNY for the New York Power Authority, speaks to attendees about NYPA’s street lighting program. 

The workshop provided an overview of the Clean Energy Communities program by the Mohawk Valley CEC coordinator, Dan Sullivan and presenters covered a variety of topics:

  • Overview of the Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium by Project Lead, Pat Courtney Strong
  • Economics of Owning vs. Renting LED Street Lights by Jen Metzger, Council Member, Town of Rosendale (Ulster County), and Regulatory Lead, Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium (MHSC)
  • Procurement, Technology and Design Best Practices by George Woodbury, MHSC Technical Lead and President, LightSmart Consulting LLC
  • The New York Power Authority Street Light Projectby Casey Mastro, New York Power Authority
  • Case Studies from communities that converted to LEDs: Village of Ilion and Village of Cherry Valley
  • Financing Considerations by Nina Orville, MHSC Finance Lead and Principal, Abundant Efficiency LLC
  • The Key Steps in Any LED Street Light Conversion

Communities have already begun exploring LED conversion opportunities. Within a week of the event, Dan Sullivan heard of communities beginning to collaborate. Todd Schwendeman from the Town of Berne Planning Board said, “the workshop provided me with lots of details to help me pursue energy and cost savings for my Town.”

If you are interested in learning more about LED street light conversions, take a look at the slides below and contact your local Clean Energy Community Coordinator. They provide free technical assistance and consulting services to local governments participating in the Clean Energy Communities program.

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See agenda for contact information and bios