Village Incorporates Energy Code Training Into ‘Goshen Goes Green’

Goshen Mayor Kyle Roddey is justifiably proud that his Orange County village (population 5,454) is on its way towards becoming a NYSERDA Clean Energy Community.

“It’s part of a comprehensive plan that we call Goshen Goes Green,” said Roddey, who has been mayor for six years. “It grew out of our 2015 visioning process. Everyone helped  – from the village engineer who wrote the electric vehicle grant application to our volunteers.”

Most recently, Village Building Inspector Ted Lewis and two Department of Public Works employees attended energy code training. Consultants went on site with them to assess the Village’s five municipal buildings and used them as the basis for training the workers in the state energy code, which was updated in October, 2016.

The four High Impact Actions (HIAs) pursued by Village of Goshen are:
1-    Energy Code Enforcement Training
2-    Benchmarking
3-    Unified Solar Permit
4-    Clean Fleets (via Electric vehicle charging stations)

Roddey plans to fund a conversion to LED street lights with a $50,000 grant the Village anticipates receiving from the Clean Energy Communities program, once they complete the four HIAs.