Consortium Aims To Assist Municipalities With LED Streetlight Conversion

Written by Allison Dunne for WAMC Northeast Public Radio
October 24, 2016


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that $790,000 is available for Mid-Hudson Valley municipalities to convert to LED streetlights. The idea is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the state reach its energy goals.

Cuomo says the initiative is projected to reduce each participating municipality’s electricity costs by up to 65 percent. The Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium will administer the initiative and is the first such consortium in the state to assist municipalities with LED streetlight conversion. The consortium is led by the Kingston-based firm Courtney Strong and its partners. Pat Courtney-Strong is president of the firm.

“What we are aiming to do, what are goals are is that, one, we’re working with mayors and supervisors to analyze their technical and financial options so that they really understand what the opportunity is with regard to streetlight conversion,” Courtney-Strong-says. “Secondly, we’re helping them get ready to ask the right questions when discussing streetlight acquisition with their utility company. Thirdly, we’re helping municipalities prepare requests for proposals from lighting vendors and maintenance vendors so that they can get the best deals. And then fourthly, we’re helping them get ready to come together as interested communities to pursue a municipal aggregated purchase of streetlights so that even small communities can afford to make the transition.” Read more