Knox Volunteers Help Implement High Impact Actions

Amy Pokorny at the Altamont Fair

The Town of Knox proves that no community is too small to be awarded the title of a NYSERDA Clean Energy Community. When Town Board Member Amy Pokorny learned about the program, she mobilized a group of local volunteers and neighbors to help them achieve the Clean Energy Communities (CEC) designation. The Town has limited staff capacity and a population of fewer than 3,000 residents.

The group of volunteers ranged in terms of energy literacy, and several were experts in engineering, building science and renewable energy policy. Each volunteer took the time to learn about the NYSERDA High Impact Actions (HIAs) and organized on the best way to present them to the local leadership and move forward with implementation. NYSERDA has developed toolkits for each HIA and has contracted with local coordinators to assist communities interested in the program. Amy credits the help of the Eastern NY Clean Energy Communities team:

“Robyn Reynolds (CEC Coordinator) made it all possible for us with her guidance, enthusiasm and encouragement, and Greg Mumby is expertly coaching us through the next steps,” said Ms. Pokorny.  “It is a very satisfying experience to be accomplishing such useful work and achieve such important goals at the local level where we can really make meaningful changes. “

Through a creative and collaborative process that proved to be fun and productive, the group was able to win the Town’s designation by taking on Benchmarking, researching and meeting the requirements of the Unified Solar Permit, helping to promote local Solarize Campaigns, attending the Energy Code Enforcement Training and coordinating on energy issues with other towns and the City of Albany.

The Town of Knox completed five of 10 High Impact Action Items:
  • Benchmarking – Adopt a policy to report the energy use of buildings
  • Solarize – Undertake a local solarize campaign to increase the number of solar rooftops

Where there is passion, there is success. Congratulations to the Town of Knox and the volunteers that made it possible: Dee Woessner, Betty Ketcham, Laure-Jeanne Davignon, Robert Price, Rich Weltzin, Debra Nelson, Tara Murphy, Dan Sherman, Vasilios Lefkaditis and Dennis Barber.